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Hi, I’m Alex (she/they).


I'm a photographer and multidisciplinary artist specializing in creative portraiture. My editorial background guides the story-driven and narrative nature of my work.  My goal is to produce images that move, improve, and empower others.


My most recent work examines gender, expression, and meaning in the context of how we experience our own identities and how others perceive us. My photographs tend to focus on representation of the many aspects that make up an individual. We all overflow the boxes that society has laid out for us, and the more we can upend expectations and assumptions, the more of an impact we can have.


I have exhibited my work at the Photographic Resource Center in Boston, MA as well as various smaller galleries in both Boston and New York. My photographs have been featured in The Boston Globe and The Rainbow Times. In 2018 I received a Project Grant from Mass Humanities to fund the solo exhibition of one of my roject Beyond the Binary.


I am not currently booking professional sessions and am instead focusing on my other various creative practices. Please feel free to peruse my work!