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Gender diversity is painfully absent from not only the mainstream media, but from our societal conscience. The goal of this project is to highlight those in the community who are rarely given a platform to share their stories, while simultaneously serving as a resource and a place where people can go to see themselves. I believe that education and visibility are at the root of solutions to many of the problems facing different communities today. I hope this project can be a beacon for those who may be struggling with questions about their own identity right now, or those who do identify as part of this community and want to hear from others. In today’s climate, it is more vital than ever to learn about each other and to bridge the gaps that may divide us. We are not alone. As someone who has never felt truly comfortable on either side of the binary, this project has been extremely personal and rewarding for me, and there’s no end in sight.


This project began as a collaboration between the Boston-based LGBTQ newspaper The Rainbow Times and myself. I’ve been conducting these interviews over the last 2 years with people mostly around the Boston area, meeting them at their chosen locations where they feel most comfortable, and capturing portraits of them in their own spaces. The version of the project published by TRT included studio portraits and questions conducted by TRT’s team. That abridged series was published in their 2016 October and November issues and can be found on their website.

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