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Dallas, TX

*These questions were answered via email.

What are your pronouns?


She/her/hers; Beyoncé.


Where do you work?


M.A.C cosmetics.


Do you have any hobbies or special interests? 


Performing arts as a whole.


What do you do for fun?


Sleep. Adulting is hard.


How do you handle the issue of pronouns and being gendered when interacting with strangers / mixed company / etc?


Usually I'm gendered correctly, but there are days when I have to correct people and just give ‘em that nudge toward the right direction.


What word(s) would you use to describe your identity?


Fearless, fierce, intimidating, and mysterious.


Are there ways that you dress / act / speak / etc. to specifically make a statement to others about your identity? Why?


In my opinion, no. People will see you as they see fit. All you can do is demand the respect you deserve as a human being and live unapologetically.

How early on did you know or suspect that you did not identify within the binary?


I was a late bloomer, so I'd say around 19.

Can you give any examples of misconceptions people have about those who identify outside the binary? Have you personally dealt with them?


That list would be far too long, but I will say that the general consensus is fear.

How do you feel represented in media and society at large?


I feel like there is a pretty privilege and soon after a money privilege. The beautiful are at the forefront even if they do no work and the rich sit a close second.

What improvements would you like to see happen inside your communities, and in society at large?


There needs to be a deeper understanding for individuals of trans experience beyond the exterior focus. Passing shouldn’t define safety and equality for an entire group, [and they] shouldn’t exclude a section of the group due to lack of understanding.

Could you tell me about an experience or moment in your life that was very impactful for you? It can be in regards to your identity, or not.


The day I decided to transition was powerful because it felt like a death! I felt like I was going through a year’s worth of grief in one day. Everything hurt until it didn’t and then I was just Hope.


Could you give me an example of something difficult that occurred in your life how you dealt with it? It can be in regards to your identity, or not.


Dealing with being in public is still a struggle sometimes. It’s like the constant pressure of wonder. What if? Why? – are all I’m thinking about whenever I’m in public. I’ve just learned to mask it well.


Who in your life do you feel you can trust or depend on?


My friends. They honestly never let me down. I truly have a circle of love and I love them for it!


How has your identity played a role in your relationships, romantic or otherwise?


Well, it makes things interesting to say the least. But honestly I’m such an organismic builder that it doesn’t affect much unless I make it an issue.


Are you able to find adequate medical care?



How has your view of yourself changed since you were younger?


Honestly, I had more confidence then, I knew things about me then. Now I just think things.


What advice would you give to your younger self?


Be just who you are and love James harder because it won’t last forever.

What are your concerns for the future?


Money, money, money, and Trump in 2020.


What do you look forward to in the future? 


Love, unconditional love.

What have been the important frustrations in your life, and the most important successes?


I’ve yet to see them honestly. It takes a lot for me to pat myself on the back and I’m still waiting on that moment.

What’s your best piece of advice?


Time is omnipresent. You can’t get away from it so make the best of what you have.

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